The fusion of financial services and emerging technology disruption.

Fintech Advisory

The merging of financial services and technology has created an age of uncertainty and opportunity in financial services. As innovations propel customer-focused solutions at lower costs, they are also putting unprecedented pressure on banks and credit unions to become more responsive and agile.

The development of highly sophisticated information-technology algorithms over the past several decades has enabled the creation of a new generation of products and services that enhance convenience, speed, and accuracy; destabilizing entire industries — and creating new ones too. Applying these relatively new algorithm-based information-technologies to the creation of innovative products and services in the financial services sector is the basis of the nascent “fintech industry.”

Launching new fintech products and services in modern economies carries with it a higher level of risk and difficulty than the introduction of algorithm-based technologies outside of the financial services sector due to the highly regulated nature of the sector itself. While a high degree of regulation is necessary in the financial services sector to protect consumers and businesses, it can and sometimes does stifle the development and distribution of these new fintech products and services.

CCG Catalyst is at the forefront of Fintech consulting and works with a proven network of Fintech experts to stay at the cutting edge of the latest developments in the industry.

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Fintech Consulting
Fintech consulting
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